Case Study

Harvard Aesculapian Club

The Harvard Aesculapian Club, a social club associated with Harvard Medical School, was founded in 1902. When the Deanery Lounge at their main building, the historic Vanderbilt Hall, started showing its years, the Club called in Construction Coordinators, Inc. (CCI) to renovate it. The Club wanted their lounge to be brought into the 21st century, with new technology, brighter colors, and better furniture.

CCI, working with Bergmeyer Associates, completely updated the aging lounge. They put in new tables and comfortable couches, Wi-Fi (a high-tech installation for 2008, when the project was done), and a new AV system including a wall-hanging television. CCI also overhauled the lighting system and revamped the acoustics of the room. Most notably, however, CCI restored the beautiful, decades-old wood trim of the lounge. The trim had been scuffed, cut, and removed over the years, and needed serious work, but CCI had to be careful to not overwrite the history of the trim in the restoration process.

The end result was an ergonomically, sonically and visually transformed lounge that provides a welcome place for comfort and gatherings to Harvard’s busy medical students.

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  • Harvard Aesculapian Club

    The Harvard Aesculapian Club, a social club associated with Harvard Medical School, was founded in 1902.

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Working with CCI is like having our own construction department; but more responsive and experienced."

Paul Brandes, Principal, Charter Realty

Whenever we asked them for ridiculous things, we got them. CCI understood what it took to successfully complete the project."

Ed Pletman, Executive Director, Striar JCC

Tough jobs don’t scare these guys and that’s exactly what we needed to renovate the public areas in our Boston high-rises."

Ted Morton, Vice President, Equity Residential Properties

The most important challenge is that we didn’t harm our business; this wasn’t just a few new fixtures this was top to bottom."

Steve Lambert, General Manager, Newton Sheraton

CCI was flexible, easy to work with entirely responsive. We got what we asked for – and then some."

David Southworth, President & CEO, Willowbend Development LLC

We had a very fast track project, with changes arising daily. CCI wasn’t fazed by us and stayed on top of the details."

Gregg Ribatt, Bennett Footwear Group

CCI’s people are not only top-notch constructors but also are skilled at meeting with my tenants, listening to their concerns, and finding solutions."

Don Earl Stedham, Vice President, Investments/Project Management, Regency Centers

CCI met and, indeed, exceeded my expectations of performance. What was built was what we envisioned, greeting everyone with visual suggestions of who we are."

Jeff Grady, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Rounder Records

CCI had a complete "can-do' attitude and made things happen. We couldn't have done it without you."

Janet Stegman, President, Stegman + Associates

When you find someone with enough experience to anticipate the problems that you are going to have, you want their help."

Leslie Saul, Founder and Principal, Leslie Saul + Associates

You bring intelligence, experience, and, most importantly, kindness, to every project."

Leslie Saul, Founder and Principal, Leslie Saul + Associates