Construction Projects, Simplified

Projects vary in any number of ways, whether it be their location, history, materials, design, or any other of the dozens of differences between the spaces we build. However, projects generally fall into one or several of eleven categories, or industries. Each industry has its own unique aspects, but CCI is experienced in dealing with each of them, so no matter your project, we have the expertise to deliver a high-quality end product.

Industries We Serve

  • Academic

    CCI has the knowledge and expertise to deal with a wide variety of learning spaces, whether corporate training facilities or classrooms for preschool children, and the various requirements that come w…

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  • Athletic

    Considerations for athlete comfort—environmental controls, for example—and even aesthetic concerns only add to the complexity.

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  • Corporate

    CCI has experience dealing with the minutiae of office projects, learned from decades of corporate construction.

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  • Food Service

    Beyond the kitchen, creating a beautiful and efficient dining room is vital, and CCI works with the most talented architects and designers to ensure diner satisfaction.

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  • Hospitality

    For a hotel, the guest’s experience is paramount, and when CCI does a hospitality project, we strive to uphold that commitment to comfort.

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  • Industrial

    CCI works with expert engineers, planners, designers and subcontractors to handle all of the challenges that industrial work can entail, and our 25 years of experience has led us to create dozens of h…

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  • Institutional

    We have helped dozens of local institutions extend the life of existing facilities, and ensured long lives for newly renovated spaces…

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  • Medical

    CCI’s attention to detail and expertise in medical settings has led us to plan and execute medical suites for world class medical institutions and affiliated doctors and dentists.

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  • Religious

    CCI’s years of experience renovating religious buildings means that we know exactly how to safely, respectfully and carefully perform construction on them, providing our clients with useful and mean…

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  • Residential

    CCI’s experience with residential construction spans from skyscrapers to low-rise apartments, but one theme remains constant: we prioritize the resident’s comfort both during and after the constru…

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  • Retail

    Building retail stores requires careful attention to detail and an even closer watch on the calendar. All of the work must be tightly scheduled to be certain that the store opens on time.

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